In 2006, Omni established a relationship with the founders of The Learning Experience (TLE). TLE was looking for developers to efficiently locate, acquire, permit and build TLE child care centers. Omni became a preferred developer in the metro West Boston market and in a joint relationship with Winstanley Enterprises, built multiple TLE centers. Omni is responsible for identifying sites, procuring entitlements, negotiating a lease with TLE Corporate, managing construction contracts, managing the property, and ultimately the sale of the property.

Chelmsford TLE

TLE - Chelmsford

TLE – 194 Chelmsford Road Chelmsford MA

Omni acquired this site which had previously been the location of a former childcare. The building, while in good condition, was not large enough to accommodate the standard TLE configuration. Omni worked with the architect and engineer to expand the building to accommodate TLE’s needs while still complying with local regulations and remaining mindful of abutters.

Former Child Care center 194 Chelmsford Rd

Former Child Care center 194 Chelmsford Rd

Billerica, Danvers, Littleton TLE

The TLE Franchises in Billerica, Danvers, and Littleton consisted of the standard 11,000 square foot design which houses approximately 200 students and staff.

Billerica sign and front of building The Learning Experience IMG_0162 IMG_0157 IMG_0171



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